CM(chief Minister) watches documentary film on Nabakaleba Movie

CM watches documentary film on Nabakaleba Movie

CM(chief Minister)

CM(chief Minister)

The screening of the film has not happened yet butNaveen Odisha wrote: “Eagerly awaiting to see the documentary on Nabakalebara on Jai Jaganath”. It was his first time that he watched a movie on Friday. He called the film like  ‘God’s own people’ when he saw the film or the first screening at the multiplex. The director of the film is none other than renowned directorNilamadhab Panda.

Nabakalebara festival which includes searching of woods to rathyatra is been shown in the film which is mostly liked by people a lot. The trailer is just 18 minutes long and some moments of Jagannath’sdaru search is picturized in the movie .This documentary is actually 78 minutes long which is based on Nabakalebaraand the brain behind this is Odisha tourism department. Governor SC Jamiralso participated in this event and chief minister was very happy and appreciated the director for making such an influential 18-minute trailer.

Excise minister Damodar Rout, urban development minister PushpenduSinghdeo, agriculture minister PradeepMaharathi, parliamentary affairs minister BikramKeshariArukh, I&PR minister AtanuSabyasachi, law minister ArunSahoo, tourism minister Ashok Panda, supply minister Sanjay Das Burma, energy minister PranabPrakash Das, higher education minister PradeepPanigrahi, MLA Akash Das Nayak, Odisha DGP KV Singh, DG Vigilance RP Sharma, MSME and tourism principal secretary Gagan Dhal also attended the screening and they all found the trailer such an innovative piece and a proper documentary was shown by Odisha tourism department.

All ministers said that the documentary is to be made available to the internet and everyone should enjoy this trailer.  “High-quality documentation of historical events is our duty towards future generations for a preservation of culture,” the chief minister commented on twitter which a lot of people witnessed.It is the first time that the rare ritual of Nabakalebarawhich happens in every 19 years is been shown to the people so that people can be well aware of this ritual. This will be shown at various national and international film festivals. The full version of this film will soon  be available worldwide. People are soon going to enjoy a lot.