A Paris flight got missing carrying 66 passengers heading to Cairo from Paris over Mediterranean sea on Thursday. Lately EgyptAir tweeted that the flight was traveling over 37000 feet and went missing just before 20 minutes of landing after entering Egyptian Airspace. It was going to land at 3.05 am but went missing at 2.45 am. Its last known position was over the Mediterranean sea from where flight got lost.

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According to official sources at EgyptAir flight MS 804 whose departure time was 23.09(CEST) from Paris going to Cairo went missing on radar. The flight had 56 passengers  with 1 child and 2 infants and 10 crew members. According to New York Times Greek air traffic controller notified their Egyptian counterparts that they have lost contact with the plane. They didn’t requested for help they just got vanished.

Egypt’s civil aviation ministry stated that search and rescue is going on and teams are looking for the missing jet. They also stated that they are collecting information about the technical conditions of the flight got missing over Mediterranean sea.