A Pilibhit’s farmer “Vijay Mallya’s Guarantor”

Mallya, who is in news from months because of his journey from bang to burst. Mallya now a days declared a ‘willful defaulter’ because his company Kingfisher got into debts. He’s again in news this time with very weird reason. A farmer from Pilibhit have gained lots of attention after the news came that he is the guarantor of Liquor Barrel Vijay Mallya’s loan about which he himself had no idea.

 Mallya's guarantor

Mallya’s guarantor

He was left running from pillar to post since September when his accounts got frozen. Mumbai branch head of Bank Of Baroda asked to  bank’s Nandgaon Branch to freeze Manmohan Singh’s two accounts because he found out to be the guarantor of Vijay Mallya’s loan.

The Guarantor of Vijay Mallya’s loan is a Farmer

Manmohan Singh is a farmer who is the resident of Khajuria-Nibiram in Pilibhit district’s Bhilsanda block. He has 8 acres of land. This farmer has accounts in Nandgaon’s Branch of Bank Of Baroda. He had taken farming loan of Rs. 4 lakh from the bank. He recently noticed that his account has been frozen. He rushed to bank to get information about why his accounts got frozen and reason for blacklisting him. Since then he got to know that on papers its been shown that he’s the guarantor of Vijay Mallya’s loan from whom banks are seeking to recover Rs 9000 crores bad loan and Mumbai Branch asked them to freeze two of his accounts.

Poor Manmohan who only had heard of Vijay Mallya in news and on tv, was shocked as he never went Mumbai or even met Mallya ever is now in news as Mallya’s guarantor. after that he did lot of efforts to convenience his local branch manager that how a poor farmer like him can be a tycoon’s loan guarantor. After which branch manager verified his accounts and wrote to Mumbai branch asking them to give permission to de-freeze his accounts. Finally on Friday Mumbai branch gave permission to de-freeze farmer’s account.

Mumbai’s branch can’t get contacted right now over this matter. Its not clear right now how such an error could occur. Mallya has been on the run since 2nd march when public sector banks announced him as a willful defaulter.

Mallya’s now owes around 9000 crores to a consortium of banks led by SBI with 1600 crores followed by IDBI Bank with 800 crores, PNB with 800 crores,Bank Of India with 650 crores and many more. Mallya who was the king once,now owes loan which he can’t pay now. Once he owned India’s biggest liquor compnay, an Airbus, a private jet and many other but now he is a willful defaulter.