Apple’s next no home button iPhones

As Apple always remains in news for its up-gradations regarding its designs or technological advancements  it is again in news now for its upcoming design that states their would be no home button on the new iPhone which is supposed to be releasing next year. This Upcoming design of iPhone news has taken all attention after release of some photographs of the phone taken in China.

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no home button on next iPhone

Apple is the company that is widely known for redesigning its models of iPhone in every 2 years. Phone designers always tries to design the phones thinner and lighter then previous models. It always comes with all new modifications to compete in the market and now its plan is to mark a very new design.Earlier they had came up with very applauded features like live pictures, A9 processor, 3D touch display,etc. and they are continuously trying to add more new features to iPhone at every launch be it with design or internal features.

Next Apple won’t have home button

Pictures released in China show that their will be no home button on new iPhone which is conforming all the rumors spread earlier. In the picture of No home button iPhone their is also no evidence of headphone jack on the bottom whereas external speakers remains  same at the bottom of the phone just like previous iPhone’s models. New pictures show model of the phone with completely blank panel showing no home button.

However, this home button is included on every iPhone and if its going to be removed it will be the biggest up gradation in the history of the iPhone because home button is regarded as the uniqueness of the iPhone design. People have became used to hit the home button to return to home screen wherever they are in phone whatever app they are using and if Apple removed it, this is going to be a very controversial decision.

According to Latest update of Next iPhone, it could also have several new features like wireless charging,an edge to edge screen and better camera and this all will be wrapped up in glass body in order to differentiate the phone with all other smartphones. This Glass wrapped iPhone will be featuring AMOLED display so as to eliminate any potential increase in weight.

As its just a news their is no way of verifying the authenticity of this news or of the images but its always expected that iPhone will come with new up-gradations at its every launch, it will be this up-gradation or any other that is to be seen.