Attack on African National ‘Olivia’, Delhi

Cases of Attacks on Foreigners in Delhi are being increasing year by year in our country which should not happen. Regarding this strict  laws should be made against all these activities so that foreigners could feel safe in the our country.

Again a new case has been registered this time in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area. Here a Congolese national was allegedly beaten to death after an argument with a group of some people in south Delhi. Required actions are being taken over the accused people but correct number is not known until know that how many people were involved in this incident.

This is not the first case like this in India. On 4th February an attack was made over Tanzanian student in Bangalore by mob. In that case 2 policemen got suspended because they were present at that time and were failed to stop the mob. Mob beat the student and her friends and teared off her t shirt in that incident. Now Attack on African national is done in Delhi.

Attack on Foreigner in Delhi

African national Mt Olivia was way back to his home when this incident took place. Reports suggest that when he was way back to his home he had some heated argument with Kishangadh locality people over something and that argument took this face that Olivia was beaten to death. He was going back to his place last night around 11.45 pm when he got involved in the argument with locals of Kishangadh.

A while later, Olivia was attacked by the men, he tried to escape but men followed him to about 20 to 25 meters, then Olivia got caught and men attacked him with bricks and  stones and was allegedly beaten to death.

He was rushed to hospital in order to save Olivia’s life but after getting admitted he died later on. Doctors tried hard to save his life but Olivia’s condition was so severe that he died in that private hospital. Olivia was a teacher at a private institute. He use to teach foreign languages their.

Police has registered complaints against the locals. Charges of murder and has been registered said senior officer Nupur Prasad. She also informed that they are checking the cctv footage to find out the exact reason of the attack and also to identify the accused.

Case is being thoroughly examined from all angles which includes robbery and racist attack on African national. Congolese Embassy has been informed about the incident. Few locals are apprehended for questioning. Exact reason about the argument is yet to be find out. This Delhi’s Vasant Kunj news has got country to embarrassment in all over the world again.