One person killed, several got injured in Hyderabad due to 50 kmph wind

In Hyderabad,which  is the capital of the southern  Indian state of Telangana and  de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh, threatening winds of 50 kmph and thunderstorms caused heavy destruction. Several people got injured and one got killed because of the deadly winds in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad’s whether becoming deadly.Threatening Winds of Hyderabad have caused very much destruction in the the area. So many incidents took place proving this statement. Five cars parked outside the car showroom got crushed by a huge hoarding which fell on them because of the sinister winds in Banjara hills area is one of those incident. No loss of life is been recorded in this incident. Police said that required actions will be taken against the people who put up the hoarding if found to be violating any rules. Several people got injured at many places because of heavy winds and thunderstorms .


Hording fell on cars cause of heavy winds

Heavy Destruction in Hyderabad Due to Thunderstorm

More then a dozen people got injured at some places due to the destruction caused by the deadly winds.  The winds were so threatening that a water tanker fell on a man in which he died. Two men were got injured when they fell from third floor of the building on which they were doing whitewash.

In several other parts of the city trees got uprooted. It caused damage to property and caused traffic jams in the city at various places. The police and municipal authority are trying to clear the affected roads and areas from the damage.

Whether officer Raja Rao said that Hyderabad is experiencing these threatening winds with thunderstorms  very often recently. Cause of such winds is cumulonimbus clouds that are formed only for half hour in an hour and leads to thunderstorm, deadly winds over 6 km radius. Thunderstorms in Hyderabad caused very much destruction and left the public in bruise.