Teen Scored 70% in 12th, was shot dead for overtaking car of JDU Leader’s Son

Aditya Sachdeva, a 19 year old teen scored 70% in 12th. This boy was shot dead allegedly  by JDU Leader’s son for overtaking his car in Bihar’s Gaya earlier this month. His parents Shyam Sundar Sachdeva and Chanda Sachdeva became more upset by getting to know their son’s score of 12th. His father Shyam Sundar Sachdeva a businessman said his son scored well in his academics but lost him exam of his life. He laments that his son is not alive, if he were arrive they would have made happiness of his son’s success of scoring well in his exams. They told that they hadn’t checked their son’s results but one of aditya’s friend told them that their son scored 70% in 12th exams.

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Aditya Sachdeva

His family members told that he wanted to pursue his further studies from Delhi or Mumbai. He was an average student who always wanted to go to metro cities for his further studies. His friend told that any score over 70% had made him happy.

An Excellent Student of Bihar  shot dead by JDU Leader’s son

Rocky Yadav,24 year old Son of JDU Leader Manorma Devi had Allegedly shot Aditya Sachdeva for overtaking his Range Rover in Bihar’s Gaya town on May 7th. Aditya’s friend who was their with him in his car had told the police that soon after overtaking his SUV Rocky and his guard started firing in air to stop them.

Rocky Yadav JDU leadrer’s son is in Gaya’s Central Jail now. His father and his mother’s bodyguard are kept with him in Aditya’s death case for helping him to escape. His father Bindi is well known in their area for his money and muscle power.

Aditya Sachdeva was in his swift with his friend when he overtook Range Rover belonging to family of JDU leader. JDU Leader’s son Rocky was in his SUV with the guard. Guard said that the bullet was fired by the personal revolver of politicians’s son.

Aditya’s friend told that when they stopped the car, Rocky and his guard had forced them to come out of the car. When they tried to run someone fired from behind the car and bullet hit Aditya.

Mr Yadav Rocky’s father was previously held in jail for sedition case,in a separate incident of 2011 for having 6000 rounds of ammunition of banned weapon. The guard told police after getting arrested that Rocky wanted to teach Aditya a lesson in which bullet was got fired accidentally when they fought. While Mr Yadav tried to protect his son by saying that Aditya beaten up his son in which Rocky fired in order to defend himself.

Mrs Yadav Rocky’s mother and JDU’s Leader is in jail also after surrendering herself in the case under excise act after liquor bottle got recovered from her residence.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said their will be speedy trial in the case. However, this Rocky-Aditya’s case is very much in headlines.