US President Dines in Vietnam with Chef Anthony Bourdain

While, Visit to Vietnam of US president Obama,he dined in a local restaurant with chef turned TV host Anthony Bourdain. Mr Obama doesn’t wanted to miss out the night in Hanoi so he dined in the Huong Lien, a bún chả restauran with Anthony Bourdain . The restaurant serves grilled  pork and noodle dish which origniate’s in the Vietnam’s city.

Us President’s Vietnam trip was for lifting the ban on the sale of Military Euipments. This ban was prevalent on the Vietnam from decades which was lifted up by US President Obama on Monday. In the meeting President Obama said that removal of this ban was the part of the deeper defense cooperation with the country.

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Barack Obama with Anthony Bourdain

$6 meal of US President Obama

US President dined their for $6 only which was picked by check . Obama was on his 10th trip to any Asian country from the day he joined White House. After his visit to Hanoi he visted the city called HO Chi Minh before taking off for the his way to Japan. He is going to visit Hiroshima later this week, on which in 1945 US had dropped first of the two atomic bombs in world war 2. Obama would become first Sitting US President who is going to visit the city.

Obama reached the city on Sunday for his first Presidential Visit to Vietnam. He became the part of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown  show which is going to be aired in September on CNN. When Obama entered into the restaurant with Anthony, US Reporters in the White House Press were not allowed to go inside. Restaurant was filled by local customers. Press wasn’t allowed to go inside but social media was full of the pictures from the people who were present at the time of surprise visit of US President. Earlier also he was the guest of the Bear Grylls on Running Wild so this show is not the first one to invite Mr Obama.

Bordain said that Obama, the most powerful man in the world ate at an ordinary hole in the wall over cheap stools of plastic. When Obama left the restaurant, at that time a whole lot of crowd was gathered outside the restaurant . As US President came into the sights of the common people cheers exploded all over. Obama shook hand with the people before entering into his limousine. Total cost was $6 of the meal which was pick up by check. Obama’s $6 dinner with Bourdain was all surprise for the common public.