Veerappan, Waiting, Phobia on Bollywood Box office

Three films got released last weekend on the box office but didn’t collected much money through the release. All three of the films weren’t succeeded on the Box Office and didn’t seemed to be collecting much money. All three movies were different from each other, Phobia was physiological thriller, Veerappan is real life bandit story and Waiting is herat tugging story which got mostly shot into hospital’s waiting room.

All three films had their cheerleaders within their reviewers and also on social media but movies doesn’t seemed to earn much. Angry Bird was the movie which stole many hearts and added much money to their wallet. Angry Bird is Sony picture’s 3-D Computer Animated action adventure comedy. The Angry Bird movie has rang up $1.9 Million.

On the other hand Walt Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass was released on over 94 screens in India earning 1.04 crore. Alice doesn’t seemed to impress the audience in US . In the second weekend Randeep Hooda staring Sarbjit earned 4.5 crore on the Box Office making its total of 23.47 crore. Randeep hooda is shown in this movie as a farmer from India who spent 20 years of life in the prison of Pakistan after he had been sentenced to death in the sin of spying.

Veerappan,Ram Gopal Varma's Veerappan,Phobia, Waiting


Ram Gopal Varma’s Veerappan made 5.95 crore

Ram Gopal Varma’s Veerappan made 5.95 crore in the release of its first three days. Waiting and Phobia were also released on few far screens also making a total of 1.30 crore.  Ram Gopal Varma’s Veerappan had shown the growth on saturday then from friday and also on Sunday.

Veerappan is the story about Bandit who use to live in forests of Bandipur in Karnataka. He had killed 184 people and half of them were police officers which included senior police and forest officers. He use to Poach elephants and smuggle ivory. He had poached about 200 of elephants and smuggled ivory worth $2600000 and 10,000 tonnes of sandalwood worth $2200000000 in his crime life of 20 years. He was wanted for all these things. In 2004 he got killed by Special forces in the village of Pappirappatti at the age of 52.

The story was not about to glorify the bandit but to show how a criminal like him remained undetected for so many years and finally got killed by special forces. Veerappan is very much gripping, involving and sensational.

On the other hand Waiting is the story which is about a girl and an old man. Girls’s life was on track before his husband got serious head injury in the car accident and slips into coma while the Old man’s wife was in coma from 8 months. They both meets each other in Hospital. This film is so much more about the life,death and the space in between that becomes more precious when the person thinks of loosing his loved once.

Phobia is the movie about a lady who got sexually assulted and from then she fears to be at public places. Radhika Apte is been showed as Mehak who is very promising painter.