Retirement After 65 years for Doctors approved by PM Modi

Recently on 31st May 2016 PM Modi has enhanced the age of Superannuation to 65 years. This superannuation age is enhanced for doctors of Central Health Service. This enhancement was going to be effective from the date 31st May 2016 . From now on these doctors can enjoy to work to the age of 65 years. From this change of Retirement Age of 65 years, PM Modi wants to retain experienced doctors to longer period and wants to serve the poor with quality service and to the citizens.

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PM Narendra Modi

Super-annual Age

Superannual Age is that age which is decided by the central government or state government. It is retirement from the services which the individual perform on the attainment of some specific age. This age limit is determined by central government or state government for different posts. This age is now decided as 65 by the approval of PM Narendra Modi.

From now on Super-annual age 65 will be valid. On this PM Modi’ s decision of super-annual age said that this decision will be beneficial for over 4000 doctors. From this decision citizens will also see benefit as they will be attended by the experienced doctors. PM Modi also tweeted on this “Central Government has decided to enhance¬†superannuation¬†age to 65 for all doctors in Central Health Service and will be in effect from 31st May 2016”.

According to the Health Ministry Website there are over 4000 doctors under Central Health Service. During the rally in Saharanpur on 26th May PM Modi had announced that Union Cabinet would take decision regarding super-annual age with in a week. He said that decision on raising the super-annual age of doctors to 65 will be taken with in a week “whether in states or government of India”.

Health Minister JP Nadda said in a statement that this step will empower government to give strength to the health sector of India. Also through this decision experienced doctors will be retained and could serve the citizens in best possible way. He also said that ” this decision will enable the government to retain the experienced doctors for much long period and will also help to provide better services to the public health facilities and that too to the poorest who are fully dependent on the public¬†facilities”.

JP Nadda also said that this will help in increasing the doctors in the health pool of the country. PM Modi said that there was much need of the doctors in the country but it was not possible for his 2 years government to fill the gap. He have now approved 65 years of superannual age for doctors of central health services.