Afghanistan, Modi’s first stop on 5- nation tour

As Modi is gonna visit 5 nation on his tour regarding NSG, so his first nation to be visited is Afghanistan. In One day visit of PM Narendra Modi to Afghanistan is in order to inaugurate the India- Afghan friendship Dam . He is going to inaugurate  the Dam with Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani. This dam is from one of the two big projects under India’s development, in which India is in partnership with Afghanistan in Herat Province. Narendra Modi’s Afghan’s trip is for a day.

Dam is the way to remain engaged with Afghanistan

This dam is the effort of India towards Afghanistan to remain engaged with this country.This Afghan- India Dam Inauguration by PM Modi will help in making strong relationships. India have spent US$300 million in reconstructing in Herat Province.

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Afghan- India Friendship Dam

Earlier Afghan- India Friendship Dam was known as Salma Dam. This Dam will help to irrigate 7500Ha of saffron in the Herat Province. This province produces more then 90 per cent of saffron in Afghanistan.

PM Narendra Modi will join Afghan’s President in the Ribbon cutting ceremony for the flagship project. This dam is the visible sign of cooperation between the two countries. India and Afghanistan is divided by Pakistan, which opposes India to have relations with Afghanistan.

Foreign Secretary of India said in Delhi, at a briefing that “It has taken work under challenging surroundings…. We believe that very much good will have been evolved from the thinking that India was the steady partner in the development for Afghanistan”.

Vikas Swarup , The spokesman of the Ministry of External Affairs said that ” It has highlighted India’s continuous commitment towards Afghanistan’s development and reconstruction”.

However India doesn’t have direct role in spreading Peace In Afghanistan but it had spent over US$ 2 billion in building schools, power lines as well as roads  in Afghanistan. India also helped in building Parliament in Kabul which PM Narendra Modi had inaugurated last year in December.

Afghan is the country after visting Iran by PM Modi in the matter of Chabahar port. Afghanistan is also considered to be present in the discussion which PM Modi has with US president Obma in the matter, what will be Modi’s  fouth trip to US.

PM Modi will be in US for 3 days in which he will pay his respect to the America’s war dead at Arlington’s National Cemetery and will also address a joint US Congress session. This trip is going to start in next week from Monday. He is also going to visit Mexico, Qatar, and Switzerland.

Mr. Jaishankar said yesterday that US President was inviting some leaders to visit him in US with whom he has some productive and close work relations.