PM Narendra Modi On Official trip to Mexico and Switzerland in next week

The external Affair Ministry announced on Monday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go on official trip to Switzerland and Mexico during next week. Prime Minister was earlier going to visit only Afghanistan, Qatar and US for the purpose of his bilateral trip from June 4th to June 8th but now he will also be visiting Switzerland and Mexico.PM Narendra Modi’s bilateral trip has extended to these two countries too.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, NSG,PM Narendra Modi's bilateral trip

PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Switzerland  on June 6th and then he will be visting Mexico on June 8th. South Block of the NSG decided that PM Narendra Modi should also visit these two countries. These two countries had presented strong reservations over India’s application for becoming the member of this NSG group.

India submitted its Application to Become a member of NSG

According to officials India had submitted its application to become NSG member on 12th of May. Its been confirmed  by the officials on Thursday. Ministry of External Affairs said that India and Switzerland shares a strong economic ties with increasing foreign Investment and bilateral trade.

Ministry of External Affairs said that While staying in the Switzerland, PM Narendra Modi and Switzerland’s president Johann Schneider- Ammann will have discussion on bilateral, multilateral and regional issue of combined interest.

PM Narendra Modi will also be visiting Mexico on the invitation of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. This visit to Mexico will be brief Working visit of PM Narendra Modi on June 8th, 2016.

Emphasizing  on the bilateral relations between Mexico and India have seen new strength and activity in the last two years Ministry of External Affairs said that main reason of Modi’s visit to Mexico is to carry the bilateral relations to next step and also to discuss cooperation in the areas like agriculture, space, science and technology and energy among others. Two will also be discussing over multilateral issues during PM’s Visit to Mexico.

An plenary session of the NSG is planned to be held on June 20th to 24th in Seoul. According to south block an extraordinary session will be going to held on June 9th to discuss the new applications received. This meeting is considered to be the Pre-Plenary  evaluation process, in which countries are going to give their suggestions over the  new applications.

As China has already shown its reservations against India’s application then India will try to gather support from other hold-out countries and will also try to isolate china. However, its been said that its hard to do then to say.