PM Modi and US President Obama shares improbable Friendship bond

Their is a Friendship bond in between PM Modi and President Obama that is Strange in between both of them. US President Obama has friendship relationships with many other leaders but bond with PM Modi is something not likely to happen but it does exist. They are both much different from each other but do have many similarities also.

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US President Obama and PM Modi

They both have special bonds or we can say chemistry as our media describes it. This chemistry will be visible on Tuesday when Mr Modi is going to visit White House. Its the second time for the Modi to visit White House and will be Seventh time to meet US President. US is helping India to be the big Asian partner as China. On the other hand India is trying to speed up its economy by the investments made by the US companies.

Chemistry to be seen on Tuesday between Obama and Modi

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, last month Modi had said that, they two that is Obama and Him shares the special bond of friendship. Benjamin J. Rhodes who is the deputy security adviser in the area of Strategic Communication on Saturday said that both of them invested a lot in developing a close bond of friendship.

There are certain points to consider to show how improbable is the friendship in between both of them-

Mr Obama have made core pillar of life, the protection of minorities. He says that disagreement and criticism are the core values of the democracy.  On the other hand Mr Modi had spent much of his life in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, It is a parliamentary organization which runs campaigns in the favor of Indian Hindus majority. Mr Modi was the in-charge of Gujarat at the time in 2002 when more then 1000 of the people in which majority was Muslims got died. Some days before, 24 people convicted of the incident. PM Modi at that time were charged for the incident for killing Muslims.

Mr Obama shares strong bond with his children and wife. He also takes cares of his childhood friends, while on the other hand Mr Modi have deserted his wife many years ago and have no children or public friendships.

Other then dissimilarities both have some similarities but beyond political affairs, both has raised in the modest situations, both had not so much good relationships with their fathers. At the time when they got elected they were considered as the transformational figures.