Aurangabad and Latur recorded 0% result in most of the schools

Maharashtra state Board results are out now and there is mix reaction about the result among the students. some students are celebrating their result while some feels that they could do much better. But the students of Aurangabad and Latur have shown very poor result. In Maharashtra board result 61 schools have given 0% result. Aurangabad and Latur are the regions which accounts for half of the these schools.

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, MSBSHSE, Aurangabad and Latur scored 0% results,Maharashtra state board

Two divisions of Maharashtra have recorded 0% result

These two cities comes under Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education that is MSBSHE. The Latur division of this board has recorded 16 of the school which has 0% result, which is a very large number with Mumbai and followed by Aurangabad wich has 15 of the schools scored 0% result.

In the Aurangabad division there are 325 schools which have scored 100 per cent result in the examination. In the Latur division there are 128 schools whose students have scored 100 per cent in the examination.

Aurangabad and Latur scored 0% results which is a subject to care because there are many students who got failed. Total schools which have scored 0% results are 31 in the two regions.

Shishir Ghonmode who is the chairman of the MSBSHE said that action will be taken against those schools who haven’t scored anything and even one student of the school have passed the exam. He also said that they have the information regarding the schools how they have performed in the exam. They have performance wise list with numerical data. They will find out the schools whose student’s haven’t passed. All schools which have scored 0% result against them remedial actions would be taken if necessary.

State board official from Latur have also said that breakdown in the wrong practices to give exam have impacted the performance of the students and students who practiced wrong things to give exam have failed.  This has brought down the performance of the students.

Officials have said that they would take the required measures on the incident and will find out the reason of occurrence of such a bad result. They have said that necessary actions, including remedial actions will be taken against the schools if required. All the board is worries about the students and the schools that why they have performed so much bad.

Division of Aurangabad has 5 districts in which there are 2380 schools where as the Latur division have 1698 schools in the three districts. These both divisions comes under the Maharashtra Board which have recorded bad result. According to the reports both the divisions have four schools which have result less then 10%.

Over this matter activists have demanded that schools who have scored result less then 50% should recieve special attention.