Facebook going to be the best place to stream games

Facebook is about going to be the best place to stream video games online. Till now Twitch was the best place until Facebook haven’t acquired the place of Twitch. Twitch was brought by Amazon. People will watch other peoples playing video games and that too live. According to the 2015 data almost 1.7 million peoples post live streams on the best known streaming game service. Till now Twitch is the best known place to be known to post live stream game services but now Facebook is going to takeover the place. Average of 100 million of people tune in to these live gaming ┬ástreams.

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Facebook going to be the best place for live stream video games.

Facebook is now Presenting Best Online Games

When Amazon bought the company in the market, it thought that Twitch was good enough to bring. Amazon bought the company back in 2014 for just $1 billion back. Option of Twitch is available on many gaming consoles to either post your stream live or see others stream live playing game.this console is available on phones, computers, tablets, Apple TV set-top boxes. It is the broadcast network which is standard for tournaments of eSport all over the world.

When Facebook makes any change even a small change then it makes a tremendous impact. Facebook live is the tool on the Facebook which enables the user to make their life live from their phone in the form of live stream. With this feature you can watch them live doing anything by getting only one notification. There is also the way to turn the option off.

Facebook’s partnership with Blizzard was announced on Monday by Facebook itself. All the games of Blizzard like Hearthstone, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, etc would be streamable through Facebook Live. When you press the GO LIVE button then you will be live playing game on the Facebook that too in high resolution after the short count down of 1…2…3…

Games partnership’s Facebook’s director Leo Olebe on Tuesday told the Insider that people playing any game based on any platform, they all have this opportunity on Facebook to go live . He said that it would be awesome. He also said that all this is true regarding the go live option. as gamers are present everywhere in the world and playing on different systems, playing everywhere, and they want to be everywhere the gamers are playing he said.

Previously in last summers live feature was in news but it was only for the Beyonce and Mark Zuckerberg. It was made available to the common public in January 2016 but with limited features.