India is Very Close to join MTCR

India is very closer to get the entry in the missile technology control regime. According to our sources, The membership of MTCR is almost done and only formalities are left. MTCR is a club of countries that deals with all the matters of missile technology. Only the MTCR countries are eligible to sell the technology to other countries, it is very important for India to get the membership of MTCR. India have already shown interest in export of her missile technology to the other countries and many countries also have shown interest in the missile technology of India.

The countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Oman have shown interest in the purchasing of India’s indigenous defense materials. In 2014, the India’s prahar missile was showcased in a defense expo where Malaysia have shown it’s firm response about it. The export version of the missile is named as pragati. Since india is not a member of MTCR hence she is not able to export it’s missile technology to other counties but now it seems that India is going to become the member of MTCR and will be able to sell her missiles to other countries.

Although, Government of India have not said anything about the India’s membership in MTCR. But the foreign secretary of India said that Obama has welcomed our entry in the missile technology control regime after the modi Obama meet in Washington.

Wait to Missile Technology Control Regime is Over

In 2015, the entry of India in the MTCR was blocked by Italy. At the that time, there was some problems between India and Italy over marine case. But now, India have send the second marine named as Salvatore Girone to Rome on 29th of May. Since there is no standoff between Italy and India now, Italy is no longer desired to block the India’s entry in the MTCR. It is the efforts of the diplomacy of our prime minister modi that India is so close to get the membership of MTCR.

According to our sources, India have almost got the membership of MTCR and only some regulations and formalities are left. It would be a very important occasion for India because India is trying from a long time to get the membership of MTCR. The Purpose of MTCR is to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the missile and UAV technology.

India have  variety of missiles for land, air and sea. India have developed Agni series missiles, prithvi series missiles for land attack, these missiles are also capable for Nuclear Payloads. Aakash missile is a surface to air missile which is recently developed by India. The Astra missile which is in development phase is a air to air missile, it is used to shoot down helicopters and aircraft. Since, India is going to become the member of missile technology control regime, now she is allowed to share its technology with other countries. The entry in the MTCR is very beneficial for the defense sector of India because India will now able to export her missiles to other countries.