Microsoft Cyber Security setup in Gurgaon

Microsoft has setup the Cyber Security Engagement Center in the Gurgaon. This is the step of the Microsoft company in enhancing the cyber security . On Tuesday, this US based company had announced that they had setup the Cyber Security Engagement Center in Gurgaon city. Microsoft is taking step towards the commitment they made for the Cyber Security .

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Microsoft Cyber Security Center

Microsoft’s Cyber Security Engagement in Gurgaon have the objective of making the partnership of public and private in order to fight with cyber crimes prevalent now a days and to have strong cooperation on cyber crime with Indian government, business and academic organizations. This center has been set up in the country to have much more strong relations with the country in the cyber security department.

Gurgaon will be next destination of Microsoft

The center which have been made in the Gurgaon is in one of the seven centers of the Microsoft across the world. It means India have the seventh center of the Microsoft dealing with the cyber crimes.  The Microsoft’s Gurgaon cyber security center would serve as a dedicated point in India for Microsoft and will incorporate company’s experts in Digital Crime unit  consisting of the security response experts, investigators and attorney experts.

Microsoft’s India Chairman said in a statement that setting up of this hub in Gurgaon has let India to grow digitally and transform digitally. He also said that this shows their commitment to the security and to be the partners of the Country in its digital transformation which is due to the set up of the Cyber Security Engagement Center.  Presently, Bhaskar Pramanik is the Microsoft’s India Chairman. He gave this statement in the New Delhi.

An Indian based team which will also serve as apart of the Microsoft Consultancy Services also known as MCS, they will offer cyber monitoring. The team will us the technology which is machine learning based, is a detection technology which will detect the cyber threats of the customers and will also respond to the customers whenever the problem of the threat arises to them under the country.

Microsoft Advance threat Analytic will use the proprietary algorithms  to keep an eye over the company entities and will work full time. It will continuously learn from the company entities which are devices, resources and users and will also help the clients to adapt to the changing the nature of the attack over the cyber security.

In the email environment Company’s Exchange Online Protection with advanced threat protection will prevent them from malware. This will enhance the security and will reduce the identity frauds and email frauds of business.