Usage of mobile data will go upto 7gb per month till 2021

According to the Study of Ericsson which is telecom gear company, that with the increasing no of smartphones every day, data consumption on mobile will go upto 5 times till 2021 on an average. This is because Smartphones usage in India is increasing day by day with the increasing generation. This will make 99 per cent of the internet traffic only by mobile by 2021.

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Data usage will increase to 5 times

Mobile data usage will increase to 5 times

Ericsson mobility report  which was released today said that Data usage with every smartphone is expected by 2021 to increase by 5 times which is at present 1.4 gb on an average. By 2021 99 per cent of the data traffic will be from the usage of the mobile data. This is very much increase of usage of the data per smartphone in coming years.

This increase in the usage of the data may be due to the reason of the usage of online mobile apps and also due to the high speed data available for the usage such as 3 G and 4 G have came into existence. People get high speed data with themselves so they browse regardless of the usage of the data because they are so curious to know each and every thing which they don’t know.

The population which is using Wideband CDMA or is also called as 3G, would get increased by 2021 to 90 per cent which is at present also in very much use on the other hand 4G usage or LTE usage would get to increase to 45 per cent till 2021 end. This expected increase is in India only. This information is given by Paolo Colella who is India Region head.

The people who are using smartphone now could jump to the 210 million till the end of 2021 which is a significant increase in the country in the subscription of the smartphones .

Reports show that in India people give importance to voice then the data, it indicates that the smartphones users who makes the need of the better data services and for this people in the country are even ready to pay more.

Young generation which is in between 15 to 24 years shows the need of the high data services and high coverage area for which they are ready to pay premium prices.

India is the country where listening to music online and watching the videos online is popular which is their form of entertainment. Moreover, whatsapp is the top mobile application which is used on the smartphones. Where half of the users of smartphone listens music online through apps and every on of two watch online videos.

Sanpdeal and Flipkart are the top shopping apps which are used very much in India while app Xender is the top most sharing app followed by shareit and youtube.