Michelle Obama takes hidden bash over Tump

The First Lady Michelle Obama took a hidden bash over the trump for his statement of building the wall between the America and southern countries. She delivered a very passionate speech in New York defensing immigration and diversity in the final commencement address of Obama her husband’s presidency today.

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Michelle Obama

As Donald Trump is against the immigrants and diversity in the US because of these immigrants. So he doesn’t want any immigrants to be in the United States. Over this he had given many statements. Michelle Obama over this matter had passed many statements but doesn’t referred  Trump directly. Obama said ” Mixture of new ideas and new culture, generation after generations have created the incomparable alchemy of our melting pot, which has helped us to build the most vibrant, most prosperous and strongest nation over the planet”. This statement was told by Obama to the 2016 graduating class of city of college of New York.

Michelle Obama said “Some people out there in present time seems to have very different perspective”. She said this thing for the trump but without directly taking his name. She seemed to be pointing out to the presumptive republican candidate President but without using his name on the place.

She also said that these people feels that this diversity as a threat if we contain them rather then a resource which should be tapped to. They say that we should be afraid of the people who are different from us. This statement which is given by the first lady who is the wife of US President Barack Obama. This remark was appeared to be more pointedly  political then being usual.

She said that these people think that name calling is an acceptable substitute for the thoughtful debate, and anger and intolerance should be people’s default states.

Donald Trump which is the republican Candidate for president of US, had vowed to build the wall between the over the America’s southern border. This was because he wanted to to keep out the illegal immigrants. He had ran a campaign for  insulting the women, Mexicans, Muslims and the journalists whom he doesn’t liked at all.

Obama said ” We dont give up on our fears and we don’t build walls to keep people out. This is because we know that our greatness lies in the people who born elsewhere but had sought our country”.

Michelle Obama doesn’t mentioned Trump but mentioned Ex-secretary of state Colin Powell, who is CCNY candidate and son of the Jamaican immigrants who had served George Bush and also called him a role model for the young people.