PM Narendra Modi in Mexico

Prime Minister Narendra Modi after visiting United States of America has now chosen a long route to way back home. He is going to visit now Mexico after visiting United States of America. After the visit to Mexico he will come back to India. After visiting Switzerland for the Nuclear Supplier Group Membership and getting green chit from their PM Narendra Modi is going to visit Mexico in this matter. Mexico is the 5th country from the 5 countries which PM Narendra Modi was going to visit. First Country in Modi’s five nation tour was Afghanistan.

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PM Modi and Mexican President

Mexican President consent regarding NSG to India

NSG or Nuclear Supplier Group is the 48 nation group. This group governs the Nuclear technology trade. Enrique Pena Nieto who is the President of Mexico had to say that Mexico recognized the need of India to join the NSG and as a country they are with India in a constructive and positive backing in this. Enrique Said this at his Los Pinos Residence after meeting with PM Narendra Modi today.

He also said that Mexico is with India because of the PM Narendra Modi’s commitment regarding Nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

On this PM Narendra Modi had thanked Mexican President and said that He is thankful of President Pena Nieto’s constructive and positive support regrading India’s Membership in the NSG. However, he began his sentence with the addition of Mexican. He said “Muchas gracias, Senor Presidente”. That means “Thank you President for your Gracious welcome”. 

Vikas Swarup who is foreign Spokesperson tweeted that after their two sided conversation President had driven Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a restaurant. He mentioned that in a very special gesture President Enrique had personally drove his guest that is PM Modi to the Mexican Restaurant in order to have Mexican Vegetarian fare. In another tweet he said that PM Narendra Modi and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has shared meal in their.

Mexico’s support to India regarding the Nuclear Suppliers Group has made the historic shift in the policy for the country which has held the  strong position in the Nuclear Non-proliferation and disarmament for years. However, Switzerland had eariler in this week had given their consent on the bid of NSG made by India for membership. Mexico and Switzerland were the extra countries which Modi had added on his tour to visit in order to have their support in joining nuclear club.

India is also interested in joining the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) after visiting US.