Warcraft :Movie Review

Warcraft is the movie whose idea have been generated through the game. Film makers have tried hard to amalgamate the game’s idea into the movie but it seems that they have drastically fallen down in impressing the audience. Here are the reviews of some critics, It says-

Reviews of Warcraft

” Warcraft’s battle is not in between the Humans and Orcs but is the movie that takes almost 2 hours of screen time. However, the true conflict comes from the side of filmmakers  who are trying to tell the story with full heart and struggling with the ridiculousness of the thing from which they were dealing. They should take help of some magician to see that this adaption of the gaming process was doomed for artistic insignificance”. This review was given by Geoff Berkshire from Variety.

Warcraft movie reviews, Warcraft


One more review came from the critic named Ethan Sacks from New York Daily News. He said “Someone should have been kept the script on the sword”.

Fate of the Warcraft will be based on the Fans who play this game. The movie is not Lord Of the Rings but is merely a Dungeons and Dragons. In the story Warrior who is shown as Hero called Anduin Lothar( Travis Fimmel) , a wizard Medivh (Ben Foster), Honourable Orc Durotan (tobby Kebbel) and a Kig who is nobel called Llane(Dominic Cooper) are the well known characters of the game for the gamers who have spent time playing that game. Audiences who tried to go through the movie felt that their own life has been drained while seeing the movie. Paula Patton who is half Orc in the movie is named as Gorona gives little humaity wearing heavy makeup.

Jones who did the film making for his first two sci-fi movies called The Moon and Source Code and proved to be the good film maker and now he made this movie which can be seen as a spot on his resume. After giving two good movies he made this disaster which was not expected of him. Jones is the son of David Bowie. Jones surely had made some skillful action sequences with his 3 years old journey as a hero’ s journey to give this big film over the screen.

No director in the film has managed the fine video adaptions because its not enough to have a rich settings. Movie says about living in the virtual world which people fantasize.

Warcraft movie reviews were not good enough It has got 7.9 out of 10.