Air Pollution to be the Reason of Strokes

Now, Air pollution has been shown as a cause of stroke. In developing countries like India, Air pollution leading indicator for stoke which leads to disability and death. According to the new study which was published in Lancet Neurology air pollution is the cause which is third largest for 30 per cent of the global stroke.

It clearly means that air pollution may take lives and that needs to be controlled before it may run out of hands. Air pollution is now proved to be the fatal cause which leads to deadly consequences and in order to overcome these consequences people and government has to take proper steps in the direction to reduce air pollution. Air pollution cause of Stroke which is need to be overcome.

Air Pollution to contribute 30% of global stroke

There are many causes also in the list which causes stroke which includes behavioral factors, poor diet, Lack of physical activity which is very much important in order to have good health and smoking which is seriously very much injurious to health. These are the activities which credit almost to 74% stroke problem and which is followed by the problem of Cholesterol, obesity and high blood pressure which are the Metabolic Disorders. These contribute to rest of the per cent which is responsible to stroke problem.

Over this matter experts says that both these causes which are behavioral and Metabolic disorders were linked to the cause of stroke earlier also. But study over air pollution cause of of the stroke have gained significance because all the findings are indicating that the air pollution is the leading cause of the stroke.

So in conclusion its said that air pollution is the leading cause of the stroke then other causes. However, people should keep all the things in mind which are the causes of the heart stroke and should take some steps in order to fight with these causes. When they will keep in mind the causes and will take suitable steps to fight with it the problem itself will get solved and no life loss will occur.

In India almost 1.2 million people suffers from stroke in every year and which makes it the leading indicator of disability and death. In global data, there are 15 million people who suffer from stroke from which 6 million people dies and 5 million people suffers from disability which includes paralysis and loss of vision.

This analysis was conducted by team of international researchers. this study concludes 188 countries which are from the year 1990 to 2013.