Christina Grimmie dies after being shot

A Former voice contestant Chiristina Grimmie was shot dead after her concert on Friday night. When she was giving her autograph to her fans she was shot dead in the public. In concert she had performed with the band in Orlando before she was shot dead.

An image was posted by Christina Grimmie on the facebook-

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Christina Grimmie

After the incident took place Christina was taken to a local hospital and their she died. After her death Orlando police also confirmed on their twitter page that she has died. On her death a Publicist said The Voice star has died after being shot on the concert in Florida. Heather Walsh said through email on early Saturday morning that all can confirm that she had died and went lord’s home to be with him.

Christina Grimmie Died, Fans are in Deep Sorrow

The gunman who had shot Christina was handled by her brother who is 22 years old after the incident on Friday night. Police officials said that Christina had performed with the band called Before You Exit at the Plaza live in Orlando. The concert in which Christina sung went to end at about 10 PM and she was shot dead when she was giving autograph to her fans at the Merchandise table. Then Singer Christina Grimmie Died in local hospital.

Grimmie was the native of New Jersey, had competed in the TV show of US named The Voice. Assailant who shot Christina after being tackled by her brother shot himself and died. This attacker open fired on Christina and he was having two guns. Police in this matter is searching how the attacker got successful in entering the venue hall with two guns. Reason has not been found out yet by the Police that why the attacker shot Christina.

Grimmie got third in the sixth season the The Voice TV Series, US. She had an amazing fan following on YouTube as a teenager. Her voice was gripping and she was  impressing her fans with her songs. As soon as her death was being confirmed social media was full of the hash tags under the statement RIPChristina as her fans showed grief on her death.

The Voice, TV show paid tribute to Christina on twitter by writing ” There are no words , we lost a beautiful soul with beautiful voice”. Singer had posted her video to encourage her fans to come and attend her concert just before the Concert. Levine had posted a picture of him with Christina saying that he is shocked and sad and that all are praying hard for Christina to get through this.

Grimmie had moved to Los Angles in the year 2012 with Selena Gomez to focus on her career. The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie died.