Hrithik Roshan over Udta Punjab

As Udta Punjab controversy has took some new turn when High Court had said to Censor Chief that that he doesn’t need to be over critical. Over this many celebrities had given statement that its not fair to cut scenes like this. Udta Punjab is the movie which emphasizes on the drug problem of youngsters. Today, actor Hrithik Roshan on Udta Punjab said that he is proud of the Udta punjab which is directed by Abhishek Chaubey and this censorship controversy has shown the sad situation which Indian Films see.

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Hrithik Roshan on Udta Punjab

High Court decision in favor of Udta Punjab

Other actors like Amitabh Bacchan, Amir Khan also given their statement earlier. The film has showm the drug problem in the Punjab state had gone through many battles with the Censor board over the demand of cutting all scenes which has the word Punjab and also to change the name of the film.

Over this Hrithik tweeted ” UdtaPunjab brings out the unfortunate condition suffered by films. But fortunately shows that strangers can stand up and  unite for justice”. Over the Udta Punjab case which went to Bombay’ High Court, they said to the Central Board of Film Certification that they are the body to certify the film not to censor the. The court will pass its orders on 13th June just 4 days before the release of the film. Udta Punjab Release date is 17th June 2016.

High Court over the matter also said to Censor board which tried to sanitize the film that in this age films like this works and just using Expletives will not work for the movie, so Censor board needs not to be this critical over the film. Court defended the film makers for not only using the names of places but also persons. They said if name of the Punjab deleted from any of the scenes or lines then center of the film would get lost and if film makers idea is to show the affected place or person then it will be shown and mentioned in the film and adding that pointing out sometimes solves the problem and opens up eyes.

Judges over the case also said that film was not meant to hurt the people of the state or to malign the state. They also mentioned that today’s generation is much more open minded and mature and let the people decide whether they want to see the movie or not.