Kabali sold for Rs200 Cr Even Before Its Release

Rajnikant’s Kabali have been sold for Rs. 200 Cr and that is before it got released. This no shows the fan following of the superstar. Acutally, before the release of Kabali it have been booked of Rs. 200Cr and will be shown over the 5000 screen and that too in all over the world. This is the first time when an Indian movie is going to be shown over 500 screens only in America. Its a new record in Bollywood’s history and a moment of pride too.

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Kabali will be the first Indian Movie to be dubbed in Chinese, Malay and Thai

In Kabali Rajinikanth is going to show his acting and give his fans a mind-blowing surprise. This is the first Indian movie that is going to release at such a large scale. The movie before its release have collected an amount of Rs. 200 Cr. in bookings only. The film is going to be dubbed in 3 different movies that is in Chinese, Malay and Thai and this is also the first in Indian Cinema history.  Film is making new records for Bollywood. It will be the first time when an Indian movie is going to be dubbed in Thai, Malay and Chinese languages.

Kabali is also breaking records in Indonesia. Film is produced by Kalaipuli Thanu, thsi is the person who gave Rajinikanth the title of superstar in the eighties’. Producer of the film also says People believes it or not believe it but Kabali is the movie which will be shown on 500 screens only in America which is usually impossible and yes they have achieved it.

Release of Kabali is on 1st July,2016. Promotions of Kabali are going to be done on very large scale which includes, some of Air Asia planes will be painted according to the theme of Kabali and also passengers of the plane will be served menu according to Kabali’s theme. The Kabali’s themed painted planes will role eyes balls of the viewers at low altitude. This is going to be an actual grand promotions in other words legendary promotions.

This film have been completed in the budget of Rs.160 Cr. This film is about Don Kabaleeswaran in which Rajinikanth have shown his beard look which is suiting his age. Mohan Ram who is actor and film historian said that Craze of Rajinikanth is undying and he should continue to do acting and raise funds for industry. In the film actress who is in the leading role is Radhika Apte and film’s villain role is played by Winston Chao who is Taiwanese supertsar. Kabali’s teaser alone have received 20 million views over YouTube and music of the film will be released in this week later.