President Obama says he is not impressed by ditching blackberry phone

Finally US President Barack Obama has ditched their iconic phone that is BlackBerry which he was using from much time. HE says that smartphone replacement is less smart then you think and said that he is not satisfied by the side of ditching his BlackBerry.

Blackberry was once the best company known with that of Apple. Now Blackberry has lost his market share and now no one prefers to use that phone because people have got many other choices to go for which are way more powerful then BlackBerry and have different features then BlackBerry. Now a days people likes to use the devices which can serve them in more dynamic ways on which BlackBerry doesn’t stands.

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President Barack Obama

BlackBerry was famous for its security features and people used this phone to secure their content after storing in them and securing their devices too. These phones were used by the government officials or business persons. BlackBerry is formally known as RIM. The company was once famous but now things have changed, BlackBerry is now striving in the market to stand along with other smartphones. Company is now fighting hard with its rival companies which includes Silent Circle and Ramped- up Android Smartphones regarding security which also includes Samsung’s Knox. Company is now fighting to stay with relevance in the market.

One of the loyal users of Blackberry is President Obama who have used many BlackBerry models previously and lastly showed up with the model BlackBerry Curve 8300 handset and BlackBerry Curve 8900 handset. Mr Barack Obama was continuously using the various BlackBerry models. These were the several devices which were approved by the US Defense Department to use and from then Obama was using the smartphone until now.

However, may be BlackBerry has now lost its shine because in theĀ Tonight’s Show with Jimmy FallonĀ President got appeared in the show and said that BlackBerry have been replaced by the new Smartphone. For President Obama it may be not the High tech up gradation which he wanted from the Smartphones. Because of the security reasons the smartphone was ignored to the extent that all the basic features such as taking photos, playing music, sending texts,etc was done by the President’s Security crew.

People have to wonder that whether they can call the BlackBerry replacement a smartphone because by using it President can’t even make a call. Over this President said that when he sees his daughters and his wife using those smartphones then he use to be jealous from this. A new smartphone may be the bad substitute but as the time of closing the presidency is coming for Obama he can be again the high tech guy as he was before being President.