Microsoft has released Slimmer Xbox

Microsoft corp that is MSFT.O has revealed about its New slimmer Xbox One Console. He revealed this gaming console at the E3 gaming conference  which was held in Los Angles on Monday. Microsoft Corp also unveiled its new Xbox console which will support Ultra high resolution gaming and virtual reality, under Project Scorpio. Xbox One is the slimmer version.

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Xbox One

Xbox S will be released by August in US

This project Scorpio has the ability of 4K and  to power virtual experiences of reality. This Xbox console is expected to be released in 2017’s holiday season and this will be compatible with the gaming console Xbox One games and with its accessories too. Any details about its pricing are not revealed right now.

Moreover, Sony Corp that is 6750.T also announced that they will release their virtual reality headsets for the PlayStation in US by October at the conference in the United States but will be released by Mid of October. At the conference Sony also said that they will add some titles to their Play station console which will include God of War, Call of Duty: Infinite War and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Last year Microsoft had released its partnership with Oculus Rift and they made some of the Xbox One games which can be played at the platform of virtual reality. Xbox One S which is the updated version of the Xbox One which was released in 2013 will also be updated with some of the new features like streaming support for 4K videos which will provide 4 times resolution of high definition content.

Xbox one S will be released by August this year, whose base model will be available at $299. Microsoft Corp also announced about its new games at the conference like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. Microsoft also launched their Xbox Play Anywhere, which can be played anywhere once bought, either on the Windows 10 and Xbox One Console. Xbox one S is the updated version of the Xbox One which is 40 percent smaller than the Xbox One.

In Xbox One S supposedly refers to small. This announcement of Microsoft may start the gaming console battle with the Sony which had reveled earlier that they will release the more powerful variant of the PlayStation 4. Microsoft’s One S will be in the US markets by August in 2016 and will be rolling out in rest of the world’s market. Its 500GB variant will cost $299 which is Rs 20000 in Indian Market and 1 TB variant will be available for $349 and expectations are their that 2Tb variant will be sold for $399.