Question Katappa Ne Baahubali ko kyun Maara? is the favourite of SS Rajamouli,here’s why??

SS Rajmouli who is the director of Baahubali film likes the question that Why Katappa killed Baahubali?. Its because he believes that this question has got so famous that it has broken all the barriers and is asked by everyone in India not just in South India. He believes that it has broken the language barriers successfully.

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Why katappa killed Baahubali?

SS Rajmouli likes when asked Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Director SS Rajamouli is now directing the film Baahubali: The Conclusion. SS Rajamouli says that almost everyday people ask him and his team this question and they never get tired of answering this question. It is because thsi question show tha anticipation of the people for the second part. Director says that they love it when they are being asked question about Why katappa killed Baahubali, and they cant’t even no that how many times they have been asked this question. Its exciting for whole of the team and also for me. They feel happy that they have broke the barrier of language and region.

That is Why SS Rajamouli likes the question Why katappa killed Baahubali? Baahubali is the film which got appraised for its brilliance in technicalities and also attracted audiences from Pan India. Director has directed some of the hit movies like Vikramarkudu, Eega and Magadheera, said that he always had belief in the thing that this can be done, region barriers can be broken and the movie proved him right.

He said ” We believed that we could broke this barrier if we have based our movies on the basic human emotions and not being pulled up by the regionalities. I always have believed that if the person have stories like this it will reach beyond the regions. But this is the theory which was only carved but not applied. So i cant’t believe that how confident it makes me feel as a filmmaker”. 

Director of Baahubali said that its not difficult to emulate the similar success all over the world but film makers have such story which can match with the audiences everywhere. After earning a lot at Indian Box office the film is all set to be released in China. Director says that they are going to release the film in china over 6500 screens which is more then India. He said that the late in the release of the second part of Baahubali is not intentional but the money we put in it left the financiers empty and we decided to release the second part a year later. He said that somehow they knew that the second part will work after one year also.