Samsung Launches Gear IconX earbuds as cordless

Samsung Launches Gear IconX earbuds as cordless

Hey, folks you all must be aware of the tech company Samsung which is well known for bringing incredible technology in the market by the means of its Gadgets in the form of mobile or other accessories.This year Samsung has Launched many of its phones which have advanced features that promote the wireless technology.

Samsung has recently unveiled the launch of cordless earbuds named Samsung Gear IconX to extend it’s-its line of wearable fitness gadgets.

Samsung IconX earbuds

Gear Icon X earbuds are lighter than a quarter at 6.3 grams. They will be available  in blue, black, or white, along with a wireless charging case. They’re sweat-resistant and come with ergonomic wingtip gels in three sizes.

The earbuds will have inbuilt heart rate and distance monitoring sensors that will work works by using an optical sensor and accelerometer.So now you don’t have to worry about your health issues like heart beat rate,calories burned and it will also track your movement and the distance traveled.You just have to tap or press the earbuds to control then.

An ambient sound mode also allows you to be mindful of your surroundings. If you want to know when someone’s coming up on you, whether on foot, bike, or in a vehicle, the Gear Icon X uses microphones to let the sound come through your music (or audio coaching) so you can feel safe when cars or people are encroaching upon you.

Apart from this, these Earbuds are equipped with 4 GB internal memory which will help you to hear your favorite songs without connecting it to your Android device.The Gear IconX earbuds feature the similar way of volume up-down, changing songs and the voice command like the other earbuds in the market.

These Earbuds can also take calls when connected to a Device by acting as a Bluetooth headset.The price of these earbuds are expected to be $200 which isn’t quite cheap but Samsung will likely offer promotions for the device in the third quarter when they become available.

The Gear IconX earbuds come with a charging case that can hold two additional full charges. Samsung says battery life should run around one and a half hours if the earbuds are paired to a phone and three hours if they’re not.

Being Samsung’s first ever cordless earbuds the company tries to make it incredible and you will love to buy the whole set of Earbuds but it has been it has been told by the company that the Earbuds will only work on Android Devices which may be the reason for not buying such Gadgets.

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