With iOS 10, iMessage got overhauled

In Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 had revealed about the iOS 10 which was pretty much expected from Apple. This conference is conducted every year by Apple inc. for the developers all over the world.They come and meet the Apple’s engineers. Here Apple announces the key note that what they will release and what they are going to do in the coming days.

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iMessage in iOS 10

Apple had revealed about its iOS 10

As expected at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2016, Apple had revealed about its iOS 10. This is apple’s all improved and new version of the Tablet and Mobiles operating system. New version of this iOS has introduced all new iMessage retreat that too with anew messaging app which will support new Emojis for the social play and  for the third party integration it has also bought up the addition of the app drawer.

iMessage feature have got handwriting feature through which a person can send text to another in their own handwriting. Another person receive the message in the animated manner. The chatting app also allows the user to dramatize through bubbles. It can be done by choosing options like whisper, shout,etc. One of the favorite features are the animations which take sup the whole screen and invisible ink features. Invisible Ink is the usage of translucent hue, by using it a person could hide its images and texts  and in order to reveal other person who receives the message would have to swipe it. These are the Features to be in iOS 10.

Another feature that is animate the entire screen, through this a person can express his mood while sending message, like at the time of wishing happy birthday person can turn the whole screen in animated balloon. Another features which is revealed is TapBack which helps the user to not to reply to the text instead it allow the user to react over the message with Exclamation Mark, Thumb-sup or with rest of the available four features.

One another feature is Tap To Replace Emoji which is supposed to replace texts with Emojis. This feature will suggest the Emojis for the word by highlighting them. Lastly it has released the app drawer for the iMessage and called as iMessage app.This iMessage app lets the third party apps to share and make payments, to create and then share the content and like this many others things can be done with iMessage App.

Apart from this iMessage overhaul Apple has upgraded other apps like Apple Music, Photos and Maps. Their is also a new feature called raise to wake feature which will activate the phone just by rising it with palm.