Kanya West has released Life Of Pablo with a new song

Kanye West’s Saint Pablo is the all new song to the album Life of pablo. From the Tidal Life of Pablo had got disappeared mysteriously but from the sources we came to know that a new song was being added to the Life of Pablo. Kanye West album Life of Pablo is been refreshed and redelivered on the Tidal.

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Kanye West

Saint Pablo is the new song in Life of Pablo

The album is back to its streaming service and in it Kanye has added up a whole new song named Saint Pablo. Kanye updated the stream with new song called Saint Pablo, he called the album before “A living breathing changing creative expression”. The album is back to streaming again when Kanye added up his new song called Saint Pablo on the Tidal from where the album got missing. But then it was revealed that the Life of Pablo was being updated to the new song.

This new song which has been released is the six minutes song in which Kanye West and Sampa are the lead singers. While the song Saint Pablo is been produced by Kanye, Mike Dean and Allen Ritter. Saint Pablo song also includes the composition of Shawn Jay Z Carter. Song sampled the Jay’s song called “Where I am From”. 

With a new song Life of Pablo has been returned to the Tidal which is named as Saint Pablo. Kanye West’s Life Of Pablo had been released in the month of February as Tidal Exclusive and the album got disappeared with the new and good reason which is back on streaming. This record is Wrapper Kanye West’s seventeenth record which has been made streaming with the whole new song in it. The album was unavailable for the short period of time and after getting refreshed with the new song Saint Pablo it got released.

Kanye Wast lastly messed with the album in March changing most of the track lightly and changed the lines with minority. On the other hand he altered Wolves by adding Vic Mensa and Sia again to the version. Both them had been appeared earlier also in the first version. While fixing Wolves, 39 years old Kanye tweeted that Life of Pablo is Living breathing changing creative expression and with hash written Contemporary art.

Earlier Kanye had announced that his 40 stop Saint Pablo tour on Tuesday and its all set to go in IndianaPolis on 25th Aug, 2016.