Suicide prevention tools by Facebook are now Live in India

If someone posts something like “I am done” or “The world is great place but I don’t fit in” or “Death is Beautiful” then many be person is going to suicide because of some reasons. This is the statement said by mental health experts. These sentences are may not be related but they have somethings in common.

Its continuously been seen that people who posts statuses like this and commits suicides, try to convey some message to their near once before taking any such step. Hence, a little step from the side of users on social media can help to save many lives. Regarding this a step from Facebook has been taken for the 1.65 billion people who are using Facebook as social networking site.

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Facebook Suicide prevention Tool

Facebook’s Suicide Prevention Tool now in India

Feature of Facebook named Suicide Prevention Tool was launched in India on Tuesday. In this updated tools and educational resources have been introduced by the Facebook to help those people who may be suffering from suicidal thoughts or with self injury. This feature was developed by the collaboration of mental health organizations and the people who have experience with self injury and suicidal thoughts. Facebook’s Suicide prevention tool will be in English and Hindi. Facebook have local organizations as their partner named Live Love Lough and AASRA in India.

If a person feels concerned about the well being of someone by their post then they can reach them directly and discreetly and can also report about the post through Suicide Prevention Tool by Facebook. Ankhi Das who is the Public Policy Director of Facebook in areas including India, Central and South Asia, says that they have teams who are working around the world for 27/7, reviews the posts which comes to them. They take priority steps for those reports concerning self injury and send help and resources for the people who are distressed.

Facebook is having this feature since 2011 but the updated version promises to send resources to the person in need and also to their family and friends. Till now person had to search for the Facebook’s suicide prevention page and then have to upload the screenshot of the post or url of the post but from now on this feature will be built in the posts.

This feature works well on both Mobile and Desktop and was released in US in early 2015 and then it had been made launched in Australia, New Zealand and UK later in the same year and is now released in India.