Bang Bang: A Modern Love Story

In French Cinema its like tradition to cast a nude scene which is going on since a long time in their tradition. They cast nude nubile young  bodies in the name of Oh la la sensationalism. So its like expected to see naked women who will come out of the Suburban house in the first 30 seconds of the drama which is about high school sex parties in the southern France, directed by Eva Husson. It is Eva Husson’s Bang Bang : Modern love story

Eva Husson’s Bang Bang (Modern Love Story)

 Bang Bang , Bang Bang:Modern Love Story, Eva Husson's Bang Bang : Modern love story

Bang Bang

Inside that house from which nude women came out,there are things going which are much more sententious. In the house girls are making out with each other for the honky onlookers crowd, teens are filming other teens while making with each other. Teens are swirling and rubbing in every corner of the house. In this story there are two girls which are the archtype of good girl and bad girl named Laetitia which is played by Daisy Bloom and George which is played by Marilyn Lima. George is the girl who is the boy crazy type and bottle bond who invites herself in the party of hot classmate. Her mousy friend is much seems to be blushed on that classmate’s buddy who drops them and sings his dick around,literally.

In the two girls George is the first one who slips in the charms of the  Alex who is the local lothario. Later when he gets bored with George then he tries to turn his attention to Laetitia and says to her that she reminds him about the 1980’s actress. This makes George jealous and then she turns the house party into the after school orgy and this is the beginning of what kids started calling Bang Bang:Modern Love Story.

Then consequences arises that are regrets and mysterious a mysterious school wide epidemic spreads called syphilis and then there spills a strong vibe of “parents, do you know where your infants are? “. Bang Bang is the repeat of how their two heroins gets affected by the free for all environment  in which they finds themselves. The first character that is Laetitia feels empowered by the dissipation and the second character, George smitten by the musician. She wishes that she had never opened up that sex party box.

People have referred it as Gallic version of the Kids but this illustration is much more inclined. Eva Husson’s movie is much like hormonal mess like that of its characters.