ISRO is going to launch Chennai Student’s Satellite on its record launch of satellites

ISRO that is Indian Space Research Organization is going to launch Chennai Students’ satellite on their record launch of 20 satellite. This satellite will help to study the effect of the greenhouse gases on the environment. This satellite is made by the students’ of Chennai who studies in Sathyabama University of Chennai.

The satellite is named as Sathybamasat Satellite and will be launched with other satellite. This will be the record launch of 20 satellites on 22nd of June this year in 2016. Sathybamasat will be used in the study of the concentration of greenhouse gases which are present in the atmosphere.

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Sathyabamasat will be launched on June, 22 at Record Launch

ISRO going to launch Sathyabamasat in its record launch

B Sheela Rani who is the Project Manager of the Sathybamasat and Vice Chancellor of the Sathyabama University said that this project of Satellite making was started in November, 2009. In this project 40 students were involved from the 5 batches. This statement was quoted in the Deccan Chronicle.

She also revealed that the payload of the satellite ARGUS 1000 IR Spectrometer, would look for the greenhouses gases which are present within the atmosphere. Life of the satellite over this mission is of 6 months and after this mission it will be used for radio communication as a simple transponder.

While making satellite, University had also set up the ground station for the working of the satellite and to monitor all the activities of the satellite. Sathyabamasat is the nano satellite which is made by the students and faculty members of the Sathyabama University which is Chennai, is going to be the part of the record launch which is going to be done on June 22.

This satellite has weight of 1.5 kg, which will help in monitoring the concentration of the greenhouse gases with in the atmosphere. Satellite’s mission life time is of 6 months and after this it will be used as simple transponder for radio communication and this will be done by invoking the loopback in the satellite. Data will be collected by the ground station which is set up by the University.

Rocked named PSLV- C34 will  carry CatoSat 2 satellites and other 19 more satellites will also be carried which are countries like Canada, US, Germany and Indonesia. This rocket is going to be launched from the second launch pad of the Satish Dhawan Sapce Center at 9.25 AM which is in Sriharikota. Officials of ISRO said that this is the highest no of satellites which is going to be launched in a single mission, in 2008 they had launched 10 satellite. ISRO launching Sathybamasat in record launch.