Salman’s Father Salim Khan apologized for Salman’s Remark on Rape

Salman Khan is the actor who remains in the controversies with his acts and now again he got into the  problem after giving some comment when being asked about his film. Salim Khan who is the father of Salman Khan has apologized on twitter by saying that what Salman said was wrong on Rape.

Here is what had happened, when Salman at the time of interview was asked some questions about his upcoming film Sultan, their he quoted that When he used to come out of the ring after the shoot he use to feel like a raped women. On June 18th some series of Interviews were lined up for him regarding his upcoming film Sultan at the Mehboob studio in Mumbai. Their almost 50 journalists were present for having the interview of the star of Sultan, for them interview was arranged in the batches.

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Salman Khan in Sultan

Salim Khan’s Apology Statement regarding Salman’s Raped woman Comment

At the time of second batch of the journalist Salman’s raped women statement was given. This was the response of the question which was asked him regarding the hectic schedule of the actor for the shooting of his upcoming film Sultan. In this film Salman is playing the role of the Wrestler. While talking about his schedule he talked about how he had to lift the 120 kgs man for the shoot almost 10 times for having the shoot at different camera angles.

Salman tells about his shooting schedule went for about 6 to 7 hours and then he says that statement which meant that he was having such hectic schedule but in his actual words he said “When I use to walk of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped women walking out”. This statement doesn’t meant what he said but he only wanted to explain how his schedule was hectic. For this statement of him, his father had apologized by tweeting that what he said was totally wrong but he doesn’t meant it. Salim Khan’s apology on Salman’s Rape comment.

Sources close to him had said that before leaving for Madrid he is likely to make the apology for his statement. By National Commission for Women Salman has got orders that he have to apologize within a week and if he failed to do this he would be summoned for an explanation. During the same interview Salman had also said that he had given up everything expect women. Mr Khan had also been accused of hitting the homeless man on the footpath.