Selma Blair rushed to hospital following Mid- Flight Outburst

On Monday, Selma Blair was taken to hospital followed by the outburst while traveling in the International Flight with her four year old son. After the outburst she was removed from the flight and taken to hospital in hurry. Selma Blair was rushed to hospital after being removed in the stretcher from the delta flight of her which was going to Los Angles. Selma Blair had an outburst on flight. 

Selma Blair was rushed to hospital on Monday after being removed from her flight to Los Angles in the stretcher after bring reported to have an outburst in the Mid- Flight. She was traveling to Los Angles from Mexico with her four year son. From the sources we came to know that she was met with Paramedics at LAX as the plane arrived their.

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Selma Blair

Selma Blair rushed to hospital

Sources said that she might have taken the combination of her prescribed medication with some quantity of alcohol and they don’t know what sort of prescribed medication she was taking. Moreover, the fire department had told that they got a call and responded to it at 2:54 PM, from which they got an information about an individual who got sick on the plane and the sick was transported to the local hospital ¬†after that.

She reportedly was enjoying the glass of wine on the plane in the first class and then suddenly we started crying and talking about the unidentified man whom she fears. She was saying that the man burns her private parts and wont let her eat or drink anything. She also said that the man beats her and is going to kill her. These all things were seeming to be strange through her mouth but was true. When Nurses on the flight gone to check the bags of the actress the pilot reported that one passenger was mixing alcohol with the medication.

Selma Blair was with his four year son named Arthur Saint on the flight and they were returning from Mexico after celebrating Father’s Day. She and her son met Arthur’s father and her ex Jason Bleick. This was the perfect vacation for them but she was not their for the party when the exes got noticed playing with their son and enjoying the Spa.

Three of them were stayed ta the hotel Hard Rock Hotel Rivera Maya. Hotel staff told that their son enjoyed a lot at the vacation. Selma and her ex got cozy with each other where their son was playing.