Government will use portal to announce recruitment exam results

On Tuesday Government announced that they will make all the data public so that private companies can choose the potential employees easily. Government will make scores and ranks of those candidates public who will apply for the Government recruitment examinations. They will use portal for this and portal will be made by the Department of Electronics and Technology with National Information Center and Department of Personnel and Training for adding the information in the public domain.

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Government Exam Results

Government Recruitment exam results will be made public by using Portal

It is one from the promises made by Narendra Modi which was made in March in this year. Regarding this PM Narendra Modi had said that private companies will be able to recruit candidates through the Government job test results cause they are now permitted to do this. This was the move of PM Modi to cut down the private sector hiring costs so that better employment ecosystem can be created.

Government will use Portal for Exam results, so that they can publicly announce the results for the private companies so that they can hire the potential candidates by accessing the scores and ranks of the candidates who had applied for the Government jobs exam. Modi said that this is one step towards improving the labor market and also to correct the mismatches. This will benefit the unemployed as private companies are now permitted to hire candidates through government job test.

At present the tests conducted by the medical schools and technology colleges for admission, such as Indian Institute of Management that is IIMs and Indian Institute of Technology IITs are used by the private colleges for selecting the students. In the notification, DOPT had said that government has passed the proposal of NITI Aayog to allow to make public the scores and ranks of the candidates who will appear for recruitment exams by using Portal which will increase the access of unemployed towards job opportunities.

Portal used will be called as Integrated Information System for the Public Recruitment Agencies. This portal will be having the links of various recruiting agency’s web pages. Portal’s home page will show the examination details which will be conducted in the past one year by the recruitment agencies with date of the announcement of the final results. Portal will also show the ranks and scores of the candidates along with the details.

This will get easy by the recruiters by modifying the specific range of ranking and specific name of the candidates. The portal will display various details of the candidates like name, date of birth, age, educational qualification and total marks acquired in the examination with ranking.