Tamil Actor Vijay’s birthday celebration pics are fake

Vijay is a Tamil actor and a play back singer who is well know for his works in the movies of Tamil. He is given nickname by his fans that is llayathalapathi. The Indian actor have appeared in more then  of the movies and achieved many of the awards which includes Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. He was born on 22nd June, 1972 and today is his birthday. Many leading stars of the Tamil Film Industry wished Vijay on his special day. The Tamil actor have turned 42 years today and his fans have celebrated this day with lots of happiness.

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Vijay’s Birthday pictures are Fake

Earlier it was said that he is not going to celebrate his birthday and will be busy in the shooting of his upcoming film, however he has plans of celebrating his birthday with his family in the US. On his birthday some pic were uploaded which were seemed to be the pictures of the actor from his upcoming movie set which got viral online. But now it came to know that the pictures were taken from the Birthday of Music Director Santhosh Narayan. So pictures from the Vijay’s Birthday Celebrations were fake as it were not his birthday pictures.

Over this celebrity PR Ramesh have confirmed by tweeting that they were not the pictures from the Birthday celebration of Vijay and are from the Santhosh’d Birthday and then he added more to his tweet that those pics were uploaded by Santhosh’s Wife while she was giving best wishes on Vijay’s Birthday by uploading those pictures. They were not Vijay’s Birthday Celebration pictures.

Vijay has some of the special plans with his birthday as we came to know that the Tamil actor is going to celebrate his birthday with his family members in US. Previously it was said that Vijay is not having any of the plans for his birthday and is going to shoot for his upcoming film. His upcoming film is referred as Vijay 60. It was also said that the actor is not going to celebrate his birthday with much fanfare.

But according to the latest update, Tamil Actor is going to US for meeting his family and spend some time their on his birthday with his family members. He is going to spend two weeks in the US. Fans of the Tamil actor are all set to do Vijay’s Birthday Celebrations and as usual they will take part in the social welfare activities and on the other hand over many of the single screens Vijay’s movies are going to be screened. Many of the theaters will be show his hit movies.