Deepika opens up on the rumored breakup of her and Ranveer

Deepika was away from India for so long as she was busy in the shooting for her International film xXx. It is her debut film in the Hollywood. The Xander Cage is her film with Vin Deisel, from which Deepika has returned to her home after a very long time, some weeks ago. Actor said that no matter India is her home and will always be wherever she goes. In an Interview held with her she talked about his upcoming films, personal life, Hollywood projects, etc. In the interview many things got clear about the Deepika and Ranveer’s Breakup.

Deepika give rests to all the rumors of her breakup with Ranveer

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Ranveer and Deepika

Ranveer and Deepika are the most admired couples of the Bollywood Industry.As, both look good with each other and are also serious about their love relation, Deepika always chosen to remain reserved on talking about her love life with Ranveer Singh but on the other hand Ranveer had never let go the chance for showing his love towards Deepika.

Some times in between there were many rumors that Deepika and Ranveer have broke up but now after getting some statements from Deepika it has been made clear that Ranveer and Deepika never broke up and are still with each other. The couple are dating each other from quite while now and since then their relationship had been the talk of the town. Recently it was in news that couple’s relationship had been facing the rocky path but the Peeku actress had decided to give rest to all the rumors.

When she was asked about the quarrel with partner Ranveer she said that ” There is nothing on which i should respond and as I have always chosen not to respond on such things and will always do anytime”. 

On being asked over the relationship with the Ranveer Singh she said ” Ranveer is someone who will always be someone very important in my life and that is never gonna change”.

As per recent news Ranveer and Deepika’s upcoming movie will be from Sanjay Leela Bhansali camp, but nothing sort of official announcements has been made till now.

On being asked about her plans of being Bollywood Actress she said that she never think it on that way Hollywood or Bollywood but her roots are present here in India and that is never going to change. She also mentioned that no one could take way India from her, wherever she goes.