No need to use code to configure Google sign-in

Welcome visitors you must be feeling uncomfortable while using High-Security Codes to sign in to your Google account from a new device.Google used to send us One Time Password whenever we log into our google account from a new device.Multi-factor authentication is an important part of keeping your online accounts secure, but the process is notoriously cumbersome.This is very important for us to secure our account but sometimes we face a lot of problems from this.Sometimes we have unavailability of our Phone and we are not able to log into our Google account.Text messages, code generators, and the like significantly slow down the process of logging in, but Google is attempting to streamline the task by allowing you to authenticate with a tap on your smartphone.I personally have to suffer from this problem casually because I usually forget my phone at home.If you are also facing login problem due to the coding policy of Google then your problem is going to have a complete end from today.

No codes required to configure Google Mail

 Google has recently announced very effective method of adding devices  for Login.Follow the below steps to turn on the new feature provided by Google for your convenience.

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Go to security section of your account
  3. Scroll down to password and sign in method
  4. Click on 2 step verification,If you already have some other form of two-step authentication activated then go to “Setup alternative second step”
  5. Now click on Add Phone option and add your all devices

Now, select your preferred device, and button through to the next step. At this point, you’ll be asked to try out the new login process. If everything works as planned, you’re good to go from now on.If you rely on multiple devices throughout the day, there’s no need to worry about being left out. You can easily add multiple smartphones and tablets to Google Prompt.

Even yo have activated Google Prompt option your method of authentication will continue to work as well for the devices you haven’t added to make sure the security of your account.Thus you can enjoy this feature without any fear and add multiple Devices for your Google account.I already have added my Google account to my Laptop and iPhone and the devices have worked like a Charm.So I can surely suggest you to try this feature once.

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Himanshu Singh is a student in Electronics and Communication Engineering and love to write about Technology.