Global Bone Marrow Transplant Market-Sanofi-Aventis, AllCells, STEMCELL Technologies, Lonza Group Ltd

Global BMT Market Introduction:

4.1% CAGR (2015–2021) – PMR predicts Bone Marrow Transplant market procedure to register a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period.

Global BMT Market Demand and Supply Analysis, 2014 – Lack of skilled surgeons and compatible blood marrow donors have created inability to perform bone marrow transplantation procedures

Bone Marrow TransplantGlobal BMT Market Overview – Global BMT market is expected to witness 1.3X increase in its revenue during the forecast period.

3.9% CAGR (2015–2021) – Global BMT market is expected to witness steady growth during the forecast period. Market growth is expected to be primarily driven by the increasing bone marrow registries and rise in per capita healthcare expenditure.

Macro Economic Drivers – The market in developing regions is expected to gain 1,200 basis points in terms of healthcare spending, which in turn is expected to boost overall BMT procedure in the region.

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Per Capita Healthcare Spending +6% – Globally, it has been witnessed that the per capita healthcare spending is increasing at an impressive growth rate as compared to the real GDP, which in turn, is creating increasing demand for modern healthcare amenities across various healthcare verticals.

Real GDP Spending +2.5% – The market in developing regions is expected gain 1,200 BPS in terms of healthcare spending over the forecast period.

Increasing healthcare spending, especially in developing regions, has led to a significant FDI influx in the healthcare sector in these regions. As such, many healthcare companies are venturing into new businesses in these regions. Investment in the healthcare sector by some of the leading companies involved in cancer treatment is expected to boost demand for allogeneic bone marrow process in developing regions.

Drivers: Commercialization of cellular therapy and tissue engineering products is expected to boost global demand for bone marrow transplant procedure during the forecast period

Restraints: Low availability of HLA matched donors has led to more than 40% gap in demand and supply of stem cells to patients.

Lack of reimbursement policies for organ transplantation procedure in developing regions, coupled with high cost of bone marrow transplant, has led to the slower adoption of bone marrow transplant procedure, particularly in developing regions.

Only 30% of the global population has been found to be financially sound to undergo bone transplantation.

Low availability of HLA matched bone marrow donor, coupled with the cost factor, has been severely (negatively) affecting growth of the overall bone marrow transplant market over the years. Only around 40% patients, globally, receive bone marrow transplant in a year.

Key market players covered in this report include:

1. Lonza Group Ltd.
2. Merck Millipore Corporation.
3. Sanofi-Aventis LLC.
4. AllCells LLC.
5. STEMCELL Technologies.
6. American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) Inc.
7. Other.