Old Flu Shot Vaccine Replaced with Even More Better Needle-Free Flu Vaccine

Needle-Free Flu VaccineWhat is it that makes small kids cry when they visit hospitals for vaccinations. Could you guess?

Yes, that’s the needles they are afraid of. Researchers have found an alternative way to blow off this tradition of needle vaccine. They have found a needle-free vaccine that is much effective and works well as that of the old traditional needle vaccine.

The traditional vaccines were painful and intolerable to the entire community right from small ones to the elder people. But, these new technology vaccines are pain-free and developing the same immune response as that of old flu shots. Fingers cross, we all hope that these new vaccines are cheaper, comfortable to use and go on more sale than the previous ones.

The mechanism of the new vaccines is quite different. It has tiny sticks placed on a plane patch which you can feel but does not ache. Micron Biomedical along with the team at Georgia Tech has been working on this experiment for many years. When tested, the results showed the similar immune responses as that of the old flu shot.

The experiment was carried out on 100 individuals. But this is not an enough evidence to prove that about its safety. They have to carry out more trials. Dr. Nadine Rouphael along with her colleagues, “The results were fascinating. We are happy to see that the immune system was as responsive as before.”

Mechanism of the Needle-Free Flu Vaccine:

The tiny needle-like sticks made up of vaccine are placed on the patch. When you inject it into the skin, the pointed needle gets dissolved into your skin and starts running through the outer layer of the skin. These layers are filled with immune system cells that are defensive against micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. These immune system cells own the vaccine and defend themselves against the flu.

The vaccine that was tried on the 100 individuals did not show any side effects.