Teens Prefer using Instagram and Snapchat more than Facebook, the Study Claims

The recent study claims that Facebook is day by day losing its importance as Instagram and Snapchat are taking over the application. Today’s teenagers prefer using Snapchat and Instagram over the Facebook, says well-renowned market research company, eMarketer.
According to the recent estimation conducted by eMarketer, the count of Facebook users will rapidly fall down by 3.5 percent until the end of 2017. Last year as well Facebook noticed a fall in its users count. This will obviously hit Facebook’s revenue badly.
But, still, Facebook can cope up with its revenue as a number of users are turning towards Instagram that is actually owned by the same company. But, Snapchat its rival company is taking over its business can be a huge curse for Facebook.
Oscar Orozco, an analyst at eMarketer posted a blog saying, “Snapchat and Instagram both the applications have found an analytical growth since last few years. Their beloved facility of visual content has taken over Facebook’s revenue.”
This is obviously not the first time Facebook is facing the problem of declining number of users. It has affected company’s wages from last four years. Since then Facebook is finding it difficult to hold back its teenage users.
The number of Facebook users having age between 12 to 17 years are declining rapidly. Around 82% of the users having same age were using Facebook till 2017 but eMarketer’s estimate that the number can fall to 76.3% until the end of 2021.
It performs an approximate and measurable analysis of the data received from the civic companies, social and mass media firms, research companies, government and administration agencies by performing one-to-one communication, discussions, and interviews.
It was doing good till now, but the company fears to lose its future next generation teenage users. eMarketers used a very simple way to calculate the traffic of users on the Facebook. It counts how many times the user’s login their Facebook account in a month and this calculation goes for an entire year.